(2015) ★★

Sky Movies Premiere: PREMIERE Friday 1 January, 6:15pm

The Boov are on the move again. They’re an alien species which specialises in running away. Especially from the Gorg. And the best hiding place is Earth in the Milky Way. Because the Gorg are lactose intolerant. And the natives are backward and simple. That’s us, kids. Gravity is switched off to facilitate mandatory relocation to Happy Humanstown resorts. Except for a girl called Tip (short for Gratuity Tucci, voiced by Rihanna).

She’s hiding from the Boov with a cat called Pig. And a fugitive Boov called Oh (Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons) who’s made a big boob. Despite the rainbow colours and cutesy-pie design, this cartoon’s a bit of an eyesore. Could make your brain hurt too. The screen bulges with Minion hopefuls so children might well gulp it down, it’s slushious. Rihanna gets to sing five songs, Jennifer Lopez just the one.

Certificate: U
Duration: 94min

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