(2005) ***

Syfy: Saturday 2 January, 9pm

The sins of the founding fathers are visited upon the residents of Antonio Bay when long-dead leprous sailors return for their pound of flesh. Smallville’s Tom Welling and Lost’s Maggie Grace head a largely unfamiliar cast, while Selma Blair is night-owl lighthouse DJ Stevie Wayne in a respectful and remarkably restrained remake of John Carpenter’s creepy original. Handsomely shot and nicely textured, it follows the original fairly closely – Graeme Revell’s music, in fact, is a bit constrained by consciously echoing Carpenter’s score. The tragic fate of the shipwrecked Elizabeth Dane is detailed in flashbacks spread throughout the film, rather than recounted in a journal read by contrite priest Hal Holbrook in the original. “It’s not bad,” allowed Carpenter, who accepted a co-producer credit. “It’s not my movie. I just sort of showed up on the set and wished everybody well.” Unlike the awful remake of The Haunting, it never goes carnival-crazy with the FX, although the fog itself is pretty impressive – mistical!

Certificate: 15

Duration: 100m