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​As Kat prepares for Mo and Charlie’s visit, she becomes increasingly suspicious of Stacey’s behaviour. Then, Stacey warns Kat to back off. When Kat gets distracted by Sister Judith arriving to collect a donation from her, Stacey makes a decision of her own.

Later, the man who has been following Stacey turns up in Albert Square with his friends. When he bumps into Stacey, he drops a bombshell…

Meanwhile, the Carters remain on edge following their explosive New Year. For one family member, things continue to go downhill when they are forced to put the past behind them once and for all.

Elsewhere, Tamwar tells Nancy that he has spoken to the Imam, but he is left disappointed by her lacklustre response. After confiding in Masood, Tamwar confronts Nancy and she admits her reservations.