ITV, 7.00pm

Kicking off the new on the Dales with a dramatic episode, Chas is shocked to learn that Debbie left because Ross shot Robert. Emma wants to see Moses, but Moira refuses and won’t back down.

Later, Emma goes to see Ross and pushes him to lay claim to his son. Will Moira be forced to hand Moses over to Ross?

Meanwhile, Aaron is annoyed when he finds out that Chas has seen Gordon and Chas flinches as he punches the door. Later, Chas tells Aaron they can forget about Gordon, but it’s clear that Aaron is struggling. In his bedroom, Aaron closes the door and exposes a fresh wound. He begins to eye his penknife, clearly intent on self-harming.

Elsewhere, Vanessa uses a DNA testing kit to take a swab of Adam’s bottle top.¬†Also today, Laurel sees Ashley looking at care homes and he’s annoyed that she doesn’t see the situation from his point of view.