(2014) ***

Sky Movies Premiere: Premiere Monday 4 January, 2pm and 3.25am

Molecular biologist Michael Pitt is entranced by a masked girl at a Halloween party. Astrid Bergès-Frisbey tells him she’s from another planet, and he’s inclined to believe her. Working on iris biomentrics, Pitt thinks her multi-coloured eyes have it – the latchkey to the window of the soul. Mike Cahill’s mildly hippy-drippy affair turns distinctly odd after a jarring incident half way. Like an an old episode of the X-Files, it becomes increasingly flaky, an indie romance turning into The Parallax View. The Knick’s defrocked nun Cara Seymour shows up as a sinister doctor and Pitt’s lab partner is Sound of My Voice writer-star Brit Marling, collaborating again with Another Earth director Cahill. The overall effect is gently, weirdly affecting.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 100m