(2011) ★★★★

Film 4, 10.50pm

Struggling writer Bradley Cooper has a book contract. If only he had a book. His research is confined to New York bars. So long-suffering girlfriend Abbie Cornish walks out on him. Which is when Cooper is introduced to a drug so secret it doesn’t even have a street name. With his brain rearranged, Cooper’s powers of perception make him feel superhuman – or like a super-computer waiting to crash. A heady cocktail from Neil Burger, director of Edward Furlong’s The Illusionist, this exciting Jekyll & Hyde riff is smarter than Charley, the old Cliff Robertson Oscar-winner that played its enhanced IQ story as a tragedy, and funnier than Multiplicity, a Michael Keaton comedy it superficially resembles. Adapted from Alan Glynn’s novel The Dark Fields by comedy veteran Leslie Dixon (Overboard, Outrageous Fortune, Mrs Doubtfire), the script fizzes with funny stuff and the action unfolds in rich visual stylings. This is a cheeky sci-fi caper far superior to its serious-minded contemporaries, Source Code and The Adjustment Bureau. And it makes Luc Besson’s Lucy look like a no-brainer.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 105min

IMDB – Limitless

TMDB – Limitless

Rotten Tomatoes – Limitless