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It’s Aaron’s birthday, but he’s hating all the attention. When Aaron thinks he’s alone, Cain catches him trying to burn himself. He plays down what Cain saw, telling him that he’s stressed due to Gordon hanging around. Can he convince Cain not to say anything to Chas?

Later, Chas meets Gordon in a pub and gives him back the birthday card. She tells him that Aaron’s feelings come before theirs. However, Chas is still left conflicted when Gordon says he wants another chance with her.

Meanwhile, Sandy and Harriet find the leaflet for the care home and assume it’s for Sandy. Soon afterwards, Laurel becomes overwhelmed while visiting the home and breaks down at the reality of Ashley’s future. They return to the house only to be confronted by Harriet and Sandy about the care home leaflet. Is Sandy’s world about to collapse around him, or will Ashley keep his secret?