Babe: Pig in the City


(1998) ★★★★

Sky Movies Family: Saturday 9 January, 9.40am and 4.40pm

The Road Warrior. Mad Max: Fury Road. George Miller has a habit of making exceptional sequels. Here’s another one. Something completely different. An account of the sheep-pig’s calamitous adventures in far-off lands, trying to save the farm from men with pale faces and soulless eyes – bankers! And Babe finds that a kind and steady heart stands him in good stead when faced with a succession of setbacks in the big city.

Taking Babe’s downhome values downtown, Miller’s imaginative and inventive sequel boasts a cityscape that’s a wondrous creation – Venetian canals, New York skyscrapers, eye-catching landmarks from all points in between. Babe’s new friends are a fascinating bunch, too, especially the primates led by the disconcertingly tragic figure of the orang utan Thelonius. As in the first film, the voice casting is impeccable and the use of music felicitous.

There are moments that are wildly funny although more often the feelings conveyed are genuinely poignant, particularly in the beautiful voice-over narration of Roscoe Lee Browne: “Thank the pig.” The striking camerawork is by The Lord of the Rings Oscar winner Andrew Lesnie, who died suddenly at the age of 59 in April last year.

Certificate: U

Duration: 92min

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