Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder has insisted that fan concerns over the recent trailer revealing far too much about the storyline are misplaced. Snyder says that there is a lot of the movie not in the trailer and that it wasn’t a giant spoiler.

The trailer attracted criticism for appearing to show too much, including the first meeting of Henry Cavill’s Clark Cent, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. In addition, the trailer showed how Batman and Superman resolve their conflict, before also introducing Wonder Woman and the villain Doomsday.

One disgruntled fan wrote this of the trailer: “That was literally the entire story condensed. That’s not a trailer – it’s the highlights package. Even played in scene order. What possessed them? This was basically Batman vs Superman until they team up with Wonder Woman and fight Doomsday. Thanks – I know the plot and the beats at which this changes. Great.”

But Snyder, who also directed 2013’s middling Superman reboot Man of Steel, said there was plenty more to come in the film. “I have the benefit of seeing the movie,” he told MTV. “It’s cool that [fans] think it’s too much, and I appreciate people not wanting to know, but there’s plenty that they don’t know. There’s a lot of movie that’s not in the trailer.”

The film-maker also hinted the trailer did not tell the full story about the new Luthor, who is expected to be the film’s main villain.

“In the trailer, of course he comes across in a very specific way,” said Snyder. “In the movie, he’s like a million times more sophisticated than what you get in 30 seconds. But that’s also the fun of it. You go to the movies so you can see the context and understand the depth.”

“You design the movie as a story that evolves as you watch it, so moment-to-moment [you’re thinking], ‘Oh, my God, what’s going to happen next? Are they gonna live? Are they gonna die?’ So you want that experience for the audience, as much as you can,” he said. “I want people to see the movie without knowing.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit US and UK cinemas on 25 March, kicking off an ambitious DC Extended Universe spanning 10-movies.