(2012) ★★★

5 Star: Saturday 9 January, 10.15pm

Jason Statham as sergeant Joe Smith, on the run from the military. A year after surviving an ambush in Helmand Province, he’s hanging around a Soho soup-kitchen mission served by the Sisters of Redemption. Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight revisits the multi-cultural sin-bins of Dirty Pretty Things with a contrived but compelling melodrama.

In Cloud Atlas, Tom Hanks chucks a critic off a London highrise; here, Statham does the same to a psychopathic investment banker. Despite trying to do the right thing, Statham is even more damned, dishevelled and desolate than the lonely cops he played in Blitz and Safe.

“I want her to think I’m a good man,” he says of his young daughter, who doesn’t know him at all. His head might be messed up but at least the muddled script’s heart is in the right place. And the unlikely central relationship between angry Statham and abused nun Agata Buzek is affectingly played.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 100min

IMDB – Hummingbird

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Rotten Tomatoes – Hummingbird

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