Sex and the City 2



ITV1: Saturday 9 January, 10.35pm

Straitened times for most of us, but for Manhattan minxes Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker it’s a jolly jaunt to sun, sea and sex when they join Kim Cattrall for an all-expenses paid Abu Dhabi vacation. Ah, Abu Dhabi… the modern monument to quick, borrowed money. A living, breathing metaphor for the excess lauded by the style-slave singletons, although they’re not actually in Abu Dhabi.

These ‘girls’ are too vulgar even for Abu Dhabi, so Morocco impersonates the United Arab Emirates, where they spread the gospel according to Suzanne Somers. (The luxury hotel location was actually in the desert – the coastline and city environs were created digitally in post production.) The first ungainly movie demonstrated that a large part of Sex and the City’s tart appeal as a TV show lay in its 25-minute brief.

The second movie proves that bloat is even less comfortable when it’s repeated. And this one has a script that equates wit with cheap porn movie parody: anyone for Lawrence of My Labia? The good news is that ticket sales for this grotesquely miscalculated sequel collapsed once the word got out: audiences, especially females, hated it. It’s even worse than Couples Retreat, which is some achievement.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 141min

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