(2012) ★★½

BBC2: PREMIERE Sunday 10 January, 11.50pm

Identity theft, live sexcam websites and cyber-bullying addressed in melodramatic wired-world fashion by Oscar-nominated Murderball director Henry Alex Rubin.

His conveniently connected ensemble drama features Paula Patton, Andrea Riseborough and – unintended irony alert – Melissa McCarthy’s Identity Thief co-star Jason Bateman (who’s actually a stand-out here in a straight-faced role).

Max Richter did the music, so everyone’s bringing their A game to the laptop. Alas, the script fizzles in a succession of grimly predictable story arcs. Not bad, just sad, and a terrible advertisement for the 21st century. Once again, it demonstrates the painful euphemism of ‘social networking’.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 111min

IMDB – Disconnect

TMDB – Disconnect

Rotten Tomatoes – Disconnect