Tamer Hassan couldn’t be further from Walford for his latest role. The ex-EastEnders star revealed earlier this week that he’s been filming scenes for the upcoming Game of Thrones season 6!

Hassan hinted at the role on his twitter page back in November with a few fans quick to suss out what he was alluding to but he only revealed the role for definite at the premiere of Breakdown on Tuesday.

He filled Bang Showbiz in on all of the latest gossip, saying, “I just finished doing ‘Game of Thrones,’ I loved it.”

He added: “I can’t say too much about it but I’m part of that.”

Although, in spite of his best efforts, he managed to let a pretty big clue slip about his character…

“It was lovely, it was a great job. It was wonderful to be there. You’ll see me quite a bit, it’s exciting what you’re going to see…Learning that Dothraki language was a feat in itself… so I’ve given you a little bit but I’m not going to say too much!”

So he’s definitely a Dothraki then?! Either that, or he’s decided to become a Dothraki language scholar but we’re betting it’s probably the latter.

One thing’s for certain though – we’ll be seeing “quite a bit” of him. By the sounds of things, he’s in for a pretty important role. speculated that he may be the main point of contact for Daenerys who will be off on her travels again next season with a Dothraki khalasar. Let’s face it, if you make it to the age of 47 in the Dothraki community, you must be doing pretty well for yourself!

Back in October, the internet went mental over suspicion that Jason Momoa, the late Khal Drogo (may he rest in peace), was filming in Spain. But it’s now thought that fans could have innocently mistaken Momoa for Hassan in all the excitement?

All we know is that Game of Thrones is back on Sky Atlantic on April 25 2016 and we can’t wait!