TV Movie Review: Epic


(2013) ★★½

Channel 4: PREMIERE Sunday 17 January, 5.30pm

Amanda Seyfried voices MK, an American teenager transported to a fairyland battle in the deep woods. There’s a lilt and a jig to Danny Elfman’s music and the occasional Irish accent (soldier Colin Farrell and snail Chris O’Dowd are among the extensive voice cast) suggests that this one is for the little people.

Based in part on William Joyce’s children’s book, The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs, it’s not so much Lord of the Rings as Lord of the Dance with a mythology as messy as Luc Besson’s Arthur and the Invisibles. The goodies are the queen of the forest and her army of tiny green-clad leaf men, buzzing around on the backs of colourful kingfishers.

The baddies are literally rotten, dedicated to ruling over a rotting landscape. They fly on ravens. And keep bats. A bit like the entire enterprise. All very colourful, so long as that colour is green. There hasn’t been this much green on screen since Maro Bava was making horror pictures in the 60s.

Certificate: U

Duration: 103min

IMDB – Epic

TMDB – Epic

Rotten Tomatoes – Epic