The Wire is inarguably one of the greatest television shows of all time. David Simon’s masterful portrayal of life in Baltimore, on both sides of the law, unfolded over five seasons like The Great American Novel of television, revealing layer upon layer. Over the course of five seasons, it offered a realistic but uncompromising depiction of the different strands in Baltimore life, from the drug-shifting corner-boys to shady politicians, corrupt policemen and even journalistic fabrication.

In addition to consistently delivering an engrossing hour of television, Simon and his producers created a brilliant opening credits sequence, mixing five different versions of ‘Way Down in the Hole’ by The Blind Boys of Alabama with sequences from the show.

The Wire ended in 2008, so it’s always extra exciting when something related to the show surfaces on the internet, like a theory or piece of analysis. But the latest thing to capture our imagination is the opening sequence re-imagined as animation.

Check it out below, courtesy of Vimeo user Elliot Lim. 

The Wire from Elliot Lim on Vimeo.