Sherlock’s New Year special The Abominable Bride left us wanting more. Not because we loved the episode – it was a catastrophic misstep from the writers – but because we simply want to see the show back in the iteration we’ve come to love.

However, it’s disappointing news for fans eagerly awaiting season four as it looks like we won’t be getting any new episodes until at least 2017, given Benedict Cumberbatch’s hectic filming schedule – he’s an actor high in demand these days, after all!

“We do have the next Sherlock announced, that is coming up about a year from now,” PBS President Paula Kerger told Zap2It. “As you know, Benedict has gotten to be somewhat popular since we began our work with him, and he very much wants to continue with Sherlock. As you know, they are produced almost like films and we’re hoping the next one will be about a year from now.”

A while back, co-creator Mark Gatiss said to expect plenty of surprises in the forthcoming season.

“Just because it’s in the stories doesn’t mean it’ll happen in the series because there’s an awful lot of changes and an awful lot of places to go and things to do. It should be clear by now that while, of course, Doyle is our absolute god, we have gone quite a long way away as well – we’ve introduced Sherlock and Mycroft’s parents [for instance], I don’t think they’ve ever been seen in any adaptation – so there are lots of surprises to come. It will take Sherlock and John Watson into deeper and darker water than ever before.”