It’s been over a month since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in cinemas, but the rumours about Supreme Leader Snoke have shown no signs of slowing down. While some theories have purported Andy Serkis’ character to in fact be Darth Plagueis, the legendarily powerful Sith that trained Emperor Palpatine, others believe that to be wide of the mark.

Of course, it’s probable that Snoke is no one aside from himself, it’s fun to speculate…and that’s exactly what Evan Valentine from has been doing, stringing together that Snoke is actually General Moff Tarkin from the original trilogy.

While it seems ludicrous and far-fetched, Valentine claims it is worth investigating anyway, especially given that some people have spent time in constructing an outrageous theory that Snoke is Darth Vader reincarnate. Given that Tarkin was one of the leaders of the Empire, he’s worth our time.

Here’s what Valentine had to say about the ‘striking resemblance’ between Tarkin and Snoke: “First, Snoke bears a striking resemblance to Tarkin, the Lord of the First Order’s exterior looking extremely similar to that of the onetime commander within the rank of the Empire. While you could make the argument that Tarkin was about as far from a Force User as you could find, we never actually know if Snoke can use the Force himself. Much like his monstrous appearance, a lot is called into question with Snoke, as his giant appearance could give way to a more sickly frame and his ability to use the Force could have been conjured in the minds of his enemies in order to make himself seem more powerful.”

In addition, it’s worth pointing out that Snoke has an advanced understanding of Darth Vader and the Empire, not dissimilar to Tarkin.

“Acting as Vader’s right hand man would have given him a wealth of information that he would be able to use in the future if he indeed had become the Supreme Leader Snoke. If he needed a patsy, plucking the force wielding son of Han Solo and Leia behind his giant holographic persona would make for the best route if any. Aside from all this, the fact that the First Order is SO similar to the Empire is another chin scratcher when it comes to why Snoke would decide to go with a force so close to the one before which had failed. Tarkin would want to resurrect the Empire, but to create it in his own image through the persona of Snoke.”

Finally, Tarkin was never shown to have been killed back in the original trilogy and his unexpected return would make for a memorable twist and dropping in one of the most popular characters. Of course, we won’t truly know who Snoke is until Episode VIII, which turns out will be a longer wait than originally announced, but it’s fun to theorise as to his true identity. As mentioned before, he may well just be Snoke and nothing else, but you can’t deny the overwhelming sense that there’s more to than meets the eye with this mysterious villain.

What do you think about Snoke? Any theories that haven’t already been discussed?