Doctor Who faces some wholesale changes in the next few years. Recently, it was announced that showrunner Steven Moffat is going to leave the show after the upcoming tenth season, with Broadchurch’s creator Chris Chibnall his chosen replacement.

In addition, current Time Lord Peter Capaldi has hinted that the upcoming season will also be his last, meaning the race to find his replacement is hotting up.

Rumours have been swirling around Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams taking over as the Doctor’s companion, but now the actress has said it would be open to taking the titular role herself – as long as her first-choice Idris Elba doesn’t want the role.

“I think a black doctor would be incredible,” she told the Evening Standard. “I’m all for Idris Elba – but if not I’ll take it for the team and do it!”

She also said that, at the moment, she’s a little too busy to take on the role full-time, adding that a “female doctor would be incredible” at some stage.

Luckily, the next series of Doctor Who won’t be coming until 2017, with only a Christmas special airing in 2016, giving Maisie enough time to leave her other projects and get on board with the BBC show.

Moffat said of his own departure: “Feels odd to be talking about leaving when I’m just starting work on the scripts for season 10, but the fact is my timey-wimey is running out.

“While Chris is doing his last run of Broadchurch, I’ll be finishing up on the best job in the universe and keeping the Tardis warm for him.”

Capaldi previously said he doesn’t want to play the role for too much longer, saying: “This could be my final year. I love Doctor Who but it can be quite an insular world and I do want to do other things.” He also previously backed Williams as a possible companion for The Doctor.