The Stig has always been one of the most mysterious figures on TV, but now we know he’s a Star Wars, at least.

The enigmatic racing driver from Top Gear contributed – in his own unique way – to the big line-up announcement on Thursday morning. Of course, he couldn’t just say “I’m delighted to be back” or “I’m excited to work with such a talented group of presenters,” because that wouldn’t be The Stig Way.

No, instead, he left a piece of Morse Code at the bottom of the press release that has now been deciphered, thanks to the Radio Times, and we now know that The Stig has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“Chewie, we’re home.”


As anyone who has seen ether the main trailer for The Force Awakens or indeed the movie itself will know that Han Solo utters those exact words to Chewie when the two board the Millennium Falcon.

Of course, the wait was much longer for Han and Chewie, considering that we hadn’t seen them on the big screen together for over 30 years, but The Stig has echoed Solo’s sentiments after a lengthy absence of Top Gear with this secret Star Wars message.

Hey, wait a second, The Stig isn’t actually Harrison Ford, is he? No, that’s impossible! Well, it was pretty cool that he left a secret Star Wars message anyway. Beat that, Jeremy Clarkson.