When it comes to The Simpsons there is no older question than what US state their version of Springfield is actually in. It has been the focus of so many jokes over the years, and people have spent way too much time bickering and debating the facts and contradictions the show throws out about its location. But a new contender has emerged; has this video finally figured out where Springfield actually is?

The guys at The Film Theorists are always on top form when it comes to figuring out the nitty gritty questions that are raised by movies, TV shows and video games. It was only a matter of time before they got onto this one.

Take a look at their video below, and tell us it doesn’t make sense:

It isn’t an accident that the show has never said specifically where Springfield is; the writers wanted to keep the fans guessing. So for this theory, the evidence looked at is from seasons 1 to 9, before the joke really took off about its location and before the change of the show’s executive producers. So, here are the facts, as they see them:

  • Springfield’s local radio station KBBL takes 26 states out of the running. Its call letter K means that the location is west of the Mississippi River, a reference that almost all non-American viewers wouldn’t pick up on.
  • In the season seven episode “Bart On The Road”, when Bart acquires a fake driving licence, the road trip that follows mean a few more possibilities are struck off the list, including Hawaii (surprising no one, really).
  • Homer’s map on nuclear reactors in the same episode rules out California, Utah and Nevada.
  • Taking into account the mountains that surround Springfield, one of which Homer tries to climb, giving him altitude sickness. Because those Film Theorist boys know their science (or can look up WebMD) they know that altitude sickness usually happens over 8000ft. Again, this rules out another batch of states with their highest points below that mark.
  • Alaska is out, because of the family’s relocation there in the movie (hey wait, didn’t they say they were only paying attention to the first 9 series?)
  • The remaining south western states are removed thanks to Krusty Burger and daylights saving jokes.
  • The remaining landlocked states are removed thanks to Springfield’s lighthouse and beaches, seen in multiple episodes.
  • This leaves Washington State and Oregon. Ruling the last one out? This takes a little legwork. Thanks to Homer’s pay check in the episode “Much Apu About Nothing” there is a $10.45 state tax. Guess what? Washington does not have such a state task, getting rid of it!

So there you go, it seems that The Simpsons live in Springfield, Oregon (an actual Springfield exists there in real life too. Coincidence?!)

As they say, this is only a theory, but with the overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting it, we’re happy to believe it.