Sacha Baron Cohen always seems to polarise opinions, with his new film Grimsby being no exception. One review, however, by the Leicester Mercury, seems to sum it up perfectly in their brilliant one star review.

The film itself is supposedly meant to be a satirical portrayal of working class Britain, which has kicked up a lot of fuss.

Not caring for his new film, the Leicester Mercury posted this slamming one sentence, one star review in their cinema listings section:

Grimsby review

“Grimsby. In which the privately-schooled, Oxbridge-educated multimillionaire Sacha Baron Cohen invites us to laugh at his latest creation: a bloke with no job and 11 kids.”

Damn, that stings.

You can read their full review on their website, which tears into it even further, by saying that it has “exposed [Cohen’s] limitations as a writer and performer” and concluding “by the end of Louis Leterrier’s unsavoury film, you may also feel like you need a soaking to wash off the stink of Cohen’s brand of mean-spirited humour.”

The filmed debuted in the UK to a less-than-expected opening weekend, with a US release to follow on the 11th of March. Could it perform better stateside, or are cinema audiences getting bored of Sacha Baron Cohen?