We’re all excited for Marvel’s rebooted Spider-Man starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker but this news is just something else entirely – Sony are reviving the Venom movie!

The studio has recruited Dante Harper to write the film’s script, for a project that has been many years in the making. But here’s the twist: the Veno movie will launch a franchise of its own, unrelated from the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

Venom is arguably Spider-Man’s greatest villain, originally being introduced in 1988. The character is an alien symbiote that needs a human host to survive, empowering the vessel it chooses with incredible powers.

However, it has not been made clear which incarnation of Venom will be used for the new project.

The character notably made its big-screen appearance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, played by Topher Grace. Harper is an up-and-coming scribe who wrote Edge of Tomorrow, the acclaimed time travel sci-fi movie that starred Tom Cruise.

A commenter on Reddit made this valid point however, regarding the separate universe Venom will supposedly inhabit.

“So, what, is there going to be another, different Spider-Man in the background of this movie? Because that’s bound to be confusing. Or is there no Spider-Man at all in the universe of this movie? That is, if anything, worse. Venom is a character intrinsically tied to Spider-Man. Cutting that tie would be like making a Catwoman movie that doesn’t acknowledge the existence of Batman…I mean, what a disaster that would be.”

We’re inclined to agree with such comments but what do you guys think? Are you excited to see Venom get his own movie?