So, the Game of Thrones season six trailer has finally come – and it hasn’t disappointed! HBO debuted an epic, 100-second clip for their upcoming run of episodes and, well, a lot of stuff goes down.

As is the norm these days, we’ve decided to do a comprehensive trailer breakdown, running through everything you may have missed. But, before we delve into the murky world of theories, speculation and rumours, let’s watch it again!


Well, that may have been our eighth time watching, but it was still awesome. What we can gather right from the outset of this trailer is that HBO has decided to go for a very up-front way of addressing the Jon Snow-sized elephant in the room from last season. As James Vincent McMorrow’s cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game begins to play, we see Jon exactly where we left him; dead in the middle of Castle Black. The first words we hear are Ser Davos uttering ominously “he’s gone.”

Now that we have that addressed, let’s proceed with some of the things you may have missed. In a Game of Thrones trailer, it’s easy to miss things, especially when the fast-cuts start happening towards the end. It has to be said that this is a really action-packed trailer and there is a lot going on, so we’re here to guide you along the way.

1. Stannis’ Burning Corpse


We saw a glimpse of a burning flayed man on a battlefield. Although his fire-ravaged flesh makes it impossible to distinguish, there’s enough reason to suggest this is Stannis Baratheon. It seems as though the Boltons have had their way with the fallen Lord of Dragonstone, much to the dismay of Melisandre, who we hear saying: “The great victory I saw in the flames … all of it was a lie.” Is the Red Woman abandoning her faith in Azor Ahai after Stannis’ death?

2. Daenerys Arrives in Vaes Dothrak

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 09.56.31

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 09.56.39

Daenerys looks fairly forlorn as she’s made to walk alongside thousands of Dothraki warriors, all on their noble steads of course. Seeing that she looks up to see a massive statue of a horse, it’s safe to assume they’ve reached Vaes Dothrak. Remember, this is the same place Daenerys munched on a stallion heart as part of her Dothraki pregnancy ritual – what do they have in store for her this time?

3. Kingsmoot

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.04.39

This is almost definitely the show’s version of Kingsmoot, the gathering of the Ironborn. They’re most likely trying to find a replacement of the King of Iron Islands after the death of Balon Greyjoy.

4. Tower of Joy Flashback

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.07.25

Six men unsheathe their swords and get ready for battle. This can surely only be a Tower of Joy flashback. There were several set leaks during filming that suggested season 6 would finally incorporate the history of Ned Stark into proceedings. I mean, look at the guy on the far left – are you telling me that isn’t a young Sean Bean? This may well be the most significant shot in the entire trailer, and it would have been easily missed, especially for those of you who haven’t read the books and don’t keep up to date with spoilers etc..

The background also resembles Castillo de Zafra in Guadalajara, Spain, where they were filming the Tower of Joy sequences. The Tower is where Ned finds his sister Lyanna dead and also finds Jon Snow. The macdaddy of all Game of Thrones theories is R + L = J, purporting that Jon Snow is the bastard child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This shot here is definite confirmation that the show is delving into this significant part of the Thrones mythos, but they may choose to move away from George R.R. Martin’s books (they have been known to do that from time to time).

5. The Battle



We see a quick shot of horses charging into battle. Judging from the mucky terrain, this is definitely not Dothraki country, so it may well be the huge clash between the Northeners and the Boltons. The second shot is from later on in the trailer, showing a volley of arrows being unleashed. The helmets these warriors are wearing look like they could be part of Bolton’s army but the sigil on their flag in unclear, so who knows really. Whoever it is, this battle scene is going to be insane!

6. Euron Greyjoy


This is our first look at Euron Greyjoy, brother of Balon. Here, he is being baptised Iron Island-style, which involves a bit of drowning. You may not have noticed him in the background, but the guy to his left in the shot above is most likely Aeron Greyjoy, his brother. It’s also entirely possible that the fleet of ships seen in the darkness earlier in the trailer is Euron’s army sailing towards Meereen…


7. Melisandre and Jon Snow


So, Melisandre is getting undressed. Nothing much new here. Although, what is she getting undressed for? The rather glum look on her face suggests that she’s about to engage in something not entirely of her own free will. The shot of her de-robing is quickly transitioned to one of her placing her hand over Jon Snow’s head. Is she going to resurrect him like everyone has predicted!? From these two shots, it seems like that is indeed the case. This is GoT though, so there may be something more to it than that.

8. Arya Being Chased


It may not have been blindingly (excuse the pun) obvious at first, but this Arya leaping for freedom in a sequence we believe to be where she’s being chased by the waif. What happens when she hits the dirt though is anyone’s guess…

9. Yara Greyjoy

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.31.33

Again, this would have been easy to miss, but the girl on the right looks like Yara Greyjoy.

10. Ned Fighting A Targaryen

Tower of Joy

In our second look at the Tower of Joy flashback, we can see Ned and a companion in battle with a heavily-armoured warrior wielding two swords. Two! Anyway, look closer and you can see him bearing the Targaryen sigil on his chestplate, the three-headed dragon. We know he’s a companion of House Targaryen, but who exactly?

11. Jon Snow is Alive!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.36.04

We really didn’t expect HBO to drop footage of Jon Snow being alive in the trailer, but it’s difficult to deny that’s him riding into battle, sword in hand, on the white horse. This part of the trailer is when things have really sped up, so it would have been easy to miss it watching at full-speed. It definitely looks like him though.

12. Jaime Leading Army of Tyrell Soldiers

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.38.10

Oooh, what’s this? It looks as though Jaime Lannister is leading an army of Tyrell soldiers to the steps of the Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing. However, considering that we saw Margarey being offered a helping hand just a few seconds earlier by the High Sparrow, it looks as though she’s converted to the Faith Militant. She will come down and reveal this to Jaime, duly followed by Jaime going completely ballistic (we hope). Remember earlier in the trailer when he said to Cersei: “We’re going to take back everything, and more.” Yep, Jaime is not to be messed with this in this season.

13. Ser Davos Protecting Jon Snow

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.44.18 Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.44.09

Some people would choose Cersei saying “I choose violence” as the trailer’s best line, but not us. While that was the catalyst for shit going down in the second-half of the trailer, we much preferred Ser Davos saying “I’ve never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you’re about to see.” No need for apologies, Ser Davos, you gave us our favourite moment! Anyway, Ser Davos grabs Jon Snow’s sword Longclaw and prepares to fend off the Night’s Watch, who are wanting to break in, take Snow’s body and burn him before he becomes a White Walker. Earlier in the trailer, we got a clear shot of Ser Alliser leading a group of men attempting to break down thew door leading to Jon Snow.


So, there you go, there’s some of the more intricate observations from the Game of Thrones season 6 trailer. If there’s anything else you’ve spotted, make sure to let us know and also sound off with all your opinions on the trailer in general. We’re not sure if we’ll receive another one before the premiere so we may have to wait until April 24 for more Thrones. The countdown has begun! This season is going to be insane!