Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is nearly upon us. There is only a precious few days left until the biggest superhero movie of all time is unleashed in cinemas worldwide for all to see. However, many lucky fans and critics have already seen the film, with the official premiere happening on Sunday night at the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Immediately following the showing, fans excitedly took to Twitter to post their reactions and, well, they are incredibly positive. Below is a round-up of just some of the social media buzz surrounding the film. Remember that these people have literally just left the premiere and, which makes their view of the film less than balanced and reserved.

So, as we said already, do not take these reactions completely at face value. The embargo on critics’ reviews will be lifted on Tuesday night and SquareEyed will keep you up-to-date. We will be posting our review on Wednesday morning so make sure you come back and see what we thought of the film (our review will of course be completely 100% spoiler free).