Mark Hamill, for many, is the definitive voice of The Joker. The man who also portrayed another legendary pop culture icon in Luke Skywalker has lent his voiceover talents to play the Clown Prince of Crime in animated TV shows, video games and Batman’s animated movies, often opposite Kevin Conroy’s Dark Knight.

However, Hamill was taken aback recently when somebody pointed out a cool Batman easter egg hidden within his name.

Hamill, who is known for his brilliant use of social media, responded in a swift manner, declaring himself as the #ClownPrinceofClueless.

Now that Hamill knows this cool but ultimately useless nugget of information, he can carry on with life as The Joker. We’ll next be seeing him opposite Conroy in the eagerly-anticipated R-rated adaptation of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke (released later this year). Click here to check out a first look at the upcoming Killing Joke adaptation.