Fans of The Walking Dead no longer have to wonder; we finally have our first glimpse of the show’s most devastating villain. Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, finally pops up in the teaser for the show’s season six finale.

Oh yes, and of course he appears alongside his trusted companion, the wire-wrapped baseball bat he refers to as ‘Lucille.’

It’s going to be a huge moment for the show, with showrunner Scott Gimple teasing that the character may become one of television’s greatest ever villains.

Walking Dead“Negan is the ultimate version of [the] bully. And he is an incredible strategist. He can often appear capricious. He is pure id. He is this force of nature. He’s charismatic,” he said.

Negan appears in the promo, introducing himself by simply saying: “Hi, I’m Negan.”

The Walking Dead‘s season finale will air in the UK on FOX at 9 PM on 4 April.