Game of Thrones season six is only a month away and promotion for the upcoming run of episodes is in full swing. We’ve already received a 30-second Hall of Faces teaser and a full-length trailer – which pretty much broke the internet – but it looks as though HBO has packaged another 30-second trailer, known as March Madness Promo, which ominously predicts another major death in saying: “One way or another, a face will be added to the hall.”

Watch below:

The trailer’s dialogue/voiceover features three notable sections of dialogue. First, Tyrion, speaking his line about “the great game” that was featured in the first trailer. Then, the High Sparrow speaks with Tommen. The last half of the trailer was a Jaqen H’ghar voiceover, speaking of giving the gift and adding to the wall of faces.

The trailer’s highlights include Brienne of Tarth launching into a battle with unknown combatants, Drogon the dragon flying over the Dothraki moving into Vaes Dothrak, casting a shadow and suggesting a massive, fire-breathing confrontation.

We also see Ramsay Bolton smirking smugly, presumably before he rides into the huge battle set up for the season’s penultimate episode.


And oh yes – there’s another action-packed Tower of Joy flashback! There appears to be three men wearing Stark armour fighting with a soldier in Targaryen sheathing.


The final sequence of the trailer is undoubtedly the most exciting, with the Night’s King grabbing the arm of Bran Stark in an extension of the moment from the first trailer. It’s clearly one of Bran’s visions, but boy is it getting terrifying!


Let us know what you think about this new trailer – hopefully HBO will officially release it online soon! Game of Thrones season 6 returns on April 24, watch our video below on the most exciting things about the upcoming series.