The 10 Greatest Stephen King Movies of all Time


For some 40 years, filmmakers have been adapting films from Stephen King’s seemingly endless works of fiction. King’s work has provided the source for some of the greatest films, horror or other and you can’t underestimate the influence the master writer has had on Hollywood.

Recently, King has been popping up everywhere. A feature film adaptation of It the Clown has just been announced, while the long-mooted cinematic version of The Dark Tower finally seems to be moving ahead, adding some phenomenal star power in Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. So, with King adaptations still going strong, we’ve decided to rank what we believe to be the 10 greatest Stephen King movies.

Before we begin, just to clarify, we are ranking them purely as movies, not adaptations, just so there’s no confusion. Whereas an adaptation may be measure don how faithful it is to the source material, our ranking will be purely based on cinematic merit. On with the list!

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