We always found Hayden Christensen’s lack of acting talent disturbing…but Lucasfilm clearly like something about him because he’s reportedly going to return as Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Christensen, who starred as the adult Anakin Skywalker (who goes on to become Vader) in the Star Wars prequels, could be returning to play the famous Sith Lord in Rian Johnson’s forthcoming sequel.

The rumour claims that Christensen will play the Force Ghost version of Vader, guiding his grandson, Kylo Ren, through his training of the Dark Side. In The Force Awakens, we saw Kylo Ren constantly ask Vader for advice and guidance, but we never saw him – only his destroyed mask and some ashes.

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Despite not being a popular choice to portray the Sith Lord in his earlier days back in the prequels, it looks as though we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

Star Wars Episode VIII is released will be released in December, 2017.

If you’ve got to this point, you may or may not have clued on that this is an April Fools’ Day joke! Haha – the joke’s on you! Well, at least we didn’t go as far as IGN, who made a fake trailer for a Star Wars Netflix series – now that’s really playing with people’s emotions!

  • Patrick Mcferran

    I know its fake and all but That star wars netflix series looks awesome and
    i would totally watch it!!!

  • Daymeon Gartrell

    Eat a dingus.