Every year WWE Wrestlemania is the highlight of the wrestling calendar. With more surprises, shocks, big match moments and celebrity appearances than you can shake a stick at, it’s worth sitting up to silly o’clock in the morning for. Here are our top 8 moments from last night’s 32nd instalment of wrestling’s grandaddy of them all.

A heads up as well for anyone who didn’t sit up and will be watching later, there will be some major spoilers ahead.

8. Zack Ryder not just competing at Wrestlemania, but actually winning the Intercontinental Championship ladder match

No, we can’t believe we wrote that either.

At the end of what was a very entertaining ladder match, instead of building up the rivalry of Sami Zayn and defending champion Kevin Owens – these two are destined for some more serious wars in the future, over major titles we hope – whoever calls the shots (ahem, Vince) decided that giving the title to Ryder was a good idea.

There goes the notion that we can take the Intercontinental title seriously anymore.

7. Roman Reigns finally climbs the mountain

It was going to happen. We all knew it. There was no Money In The Bank, (sadly) no Seth Rollins to interfere and not even a heel turn to justify it. Reigns has finally been given the gold, after a rather average main event against Triple H.

The crowd may have been sitting on their hands for the most of it, but WWE have finally shown a little faith and given Reigns a, well, reign. Let’s hope they just give him room to run with it.

And get well soon Rollins, there’s a major feud to be had.

6. Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose show off how to make PG hardcore – good luck not making that sound dirty

Match wise, we needed the street fight to pick things up; the bizarre ladder match result, AJ Styles losing his Mania debut, and fan favourites The New Day falling to The League of Nations. The crowd needed some waking up.

Throwing Lesnar in against Ambrose is a great choice. Both men are on top form as far as popularity goes, so the real winners here are the fans. What they did in (and out) of the ring was fun to watch, hard-hitting and the perfect blend of the hardcore days of the Attitude Era with this family-friendly PG rated time in the company’s history.

Still, it was a real shame Ambrose didn’t get to use that chainsaw.

5. The Rock gets the quickest win in Mania history

Though the segment went on a little too long, it’s always nice to have The Rock come back to Wrestlemania. Announcing the phenomenal attendance of 101,763 wrestling fans – a new WWE record – wasn’t enough, as the involvement of the Wyatt Family (we can’t wait till Bray is back in the ring full time, he’s so ready to be a main event villain) saw The Great One pick up the quickest win in Mania history with a victory over Erick Rowan in six whole seconds.

Oh, and John Cena’s back. That is a thing that certainly happened. Moving on…

4. Baron Corbin makes his mark

Even though they made a big deal about this year’s event being in Mark Henry’s home state, as well as the bizarre face off between Big Show and Shaquille O’Neal (no really) thankfully common sense won out and NXT’s Baron Corbin won the Andre The Giant memorial battle royal and his debut on the main roster. NXT Takeover may not have gone his way, but this is hopefully the start of big things for the big man.

3. The Heartbreak Kid, The Rattlesnake and the Hardcore Legend

So The New Day may have lost their match, but the antics that followed when Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley came down to the ring and gave them and the League of Nations a beating worthy of a Hall of Fame ring was just great.

There’s always something magical about which ghost of wrestling past will show up from the days of old, so having those three standing tall in the ring (and having a bit of a laugh) was just a treat.

2. Goodbye Divas Title, hello Women’s Championship

Thankfully we’ll never have to look at that daft Divas Championship belt again. Looking like an accessory an eight-year-old buys with her pocket money, everything from its name to its design through to what the term Diva signified within the company, and it was about time for a change long ago.

Thankfully, the focus on women’s wrestling has meant that Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks could put on what was the match of the night. They traded blows, submissions and aerial manoeuvres all in the name of sports entertainment.

It’s a real treat to watch, and we can only hope that the now former NXT Women’s champ Bailey is our surprise appearance on tonight’s Raw – anything can happen the night after Mania – bringing the final piece of the Four Horsewomen puzzle into play.

The revolution has become the new standard.

1. Shane O Mac is still a maniac

Not happy letting the young pups steal the show, a returning Shane McMahon took it to The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. It was a hard hitting match, with plenty of big spots like Shane getting chokeslammed on the steps…

But the absolute top shock of the night came when Shane O Mac threw himself from the top of the Cell at a seemingly lifeless Undertaker, only to crash and burn straight through the announce table. This has to be seen to be believed.

It would have been interesting to see Shane in charge of Raw tonight, but a Taker win means we’ll – fingers crossed – be getting one more match from him on the grandest stage of them all.

It was a real mixed bag for matches this year, but when it comes to the big match appeal, there’s nothing that can top Wrestlemania.

Now we’re off to bed for the rest of the day. Same again next year?