Within the Netflix series that Marvel are putting out we’ve had hints and name drops about the effects the movies have had on the world, but as of yet, no characters have crossed over and made an appearance in both the series and the films; that is, until Captain America: Civil War comes out. (brought to us by our pals at Following The Nerd) are reporting that the pieces are falling into place for the crossover, as Alfre Woodard (12 Years A Slave, Scrooged) who is set to make her first big appearance in the Luke Cage Netflix series, will actually be debuting in Civil War.


Here’s the story, from FTN:

In Luke Cage Woodard is playing Mariah Dillard, a New York Politician who is rumoured to become Cage’s enemy Black Mariah. Now Marvel have confirmed that Woodard is also in Captain America: Civil War.

Now we have reported before that the MCU’s movie and TV sides aren’t as connected as we’d like but this could be a step in the right direction.

Perhaps having Dillard in Civil War will help build up to why she becomes a villain in Luke Cage?

We’d like that. A lot.

On a side note, Community’s Dean, actor Jim Rash, will have a role in Civil War too… which, given that the Russo brothers cut their teeth on the series, makes some sense.

The speculation that the worlds of Marvel’s big screen and small screen outings finally connecting up once and for all is very exciting indeed. Though a surprise appearance by Daredevil himself or Jessica Jones in Civil War would be the icing on the cake – and have us screaming with glee in the cinema – we’re happy waiting for the slow build, hopefully towards a very packed, all star Infinity Wars double bill.