The Walking Dead is no stranger to famous cameos. Since the show started in 2010, we’ve been treated to a host of cameos that fairly difficult to notice and, this week, Greg Nicotero revealed another really interesting one.

During the memorable “Red Rover” scene in the season 6 finale, we saw some walkers with chains that Rick and the gang had to get through. However, hidden at the end of the walker line was the sister of a very famous celebrity indeed.

You’d be hard pressed not to remember the amazing “Red Rover” walkers in the season finale. With chains literally threaded through the skin of some walkers, these little nasties provided an impressive barrier for Rick and the gang to get through. However hidden at the very end of this walker chain gang was a celebrity sibling! Speaking to Moviefone, Greg Nicotero┬ásaid:

“Ashton Kutcher’s sister [Tausha Kutcher] was a zombie in the scene where we had the Red Rover walkers.”

Here is what she looked like dolled up in her zombie makeup.

Hi y’all! #walkingdead #zombie #neverdie

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Check her out in the scene below:


That’s pretty cool – I wonder if the show will recruit Ashton Kutcher for season 7…

In another interesting nugget from the finale, the executive producer also told Moviefone that the walker who struggled with Carol was actually played by twins!

“The walker that Carol fought near the dumpster, I hired two twins because we did the before and after. Because Carol grabs the hair and pulls it, stretches the face off. It was the two girls that play harp at the conventions, these two blonde girls.”

What was your favourite part of The Walking Dead season 6 finale?

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