Edge of Tomorrow’s sequel is moving ahead and it just bagged a great director to move things forward. The follow-up to Tom Cruise’s sci-fi hit, also starring Emily Blunt, was extremely popular with genre fans due to its time-bending narrative and strong acting. Now, the sequel is tapping Christopher McQuarrie to direct.

McQuarrie is a well-known director and screenwriter, noted for penning The Usual Suspects as well as taking over the revived Mission: Impossible franchise, also starring Cruise.

McQuarrie had previously said this about the possibility of making an Edge of Tomorrow sequel: What I’ve learned, having made Mission, is what I would write into the movie to make that movie an easier sell. Edge of Tomorrow was incredibly difficult to market. From the look of the film… to the title of the film, whatever the title was, whether it was All You Need is Kill or Edge of Tomorrow — and God help us figuring out what the title of the sequel is. The Edge of the Day After Tomorrow? I don’t know.

But the humor in the film took a good 35 minutes to really dawn on you – the movie really sneaks up on you and takes this sudden left turn. The movie didn’t have the moments that a trailer needs to tell you, “This is the experience you’re going to have.” Jack Reacher was a really tough movie to market and we were constantly struggling… Edge of Tomorrow didn’t have a presence on social media until the weekend it came out, then people go, “Oh my God, it’s really good” … it was too little, too late.

There is no release date for Edge of Tomorrow 2.