Wait a second – Ben Affleck has just made his debut as Batman and there’s already talk that his solo movie may feature a different actor as the Dark Knight.

Suicide Squad‘s Will Smith, who will portray Deadshot, told MTV at the MTV Movie Awards that he would be interested in donning the famous cowl, provoking thoughts of a classic comic book story where Deadshot becomes Batman.

Batman Issue 59, known as “The Man Who Replaced Batman”, was actually the first appearance of Deadshot; arriving in Gotham as a new vigilante hoping to upstage Batman with his marksmanship skills. Though initially friendly, Deadshot soon reveals his villainous ways through his plan to eradicate the Dark Knight and take his place. It’s a great story, by the way – you should check it out.

“I’m just saying, if they were going to draw from that, I wouldn’t reject it,” he joked. “I’m a team player. If they need me in the suit, I’m in it… [Ben Affleck] can do it for a couple; he can do it for two or three, and then he gets injured and Deadshot has to take over. To me, it’s the logical progression.”

Smith is already busy with Suicide Squad 2 and other projects but would you like to see the Deadshot storyline play out in a Batman solo movie?

Suicide Squad hits UK cinemas 5 August.