Game of Thrones hype was flung into overdrive this week with the second trailer being released along with three more clips all within the space of a few hours and we were absolutely loving it!

This time last year, GeeklyInc leaked the first six episode titles for season five and they’ve only gone and done it again. Yes, they’ve just published the first three episode titles of season six.

So…if you want to remain spoiler free – turn back now!

We already reported on the title of episode one and plot details here as confirmed by HBO last week but so far they’ve remained pretty tight lipped on the rest of the season.

According to the leak, the second episode will be titled ‘Home’ and the third will be ‘Oathbreaker’.

Well, they don’t really put us any further forward in terms of trying to figure out what their plot will be. ‘Home’ could literally be about anyone in Game of Thrones. Is it about the Lannisters at Casterly Rock or the Stark children at Winterfell? Or is it a nod to Dany’s location somewhere among the Dothraki. Who knows?!

Meanwhile ‘Oathbreaker’ can be construed as being all about Brienne of Tarth. We’re thinking about the oath that she made to Catelyn Stark all those seasons ago…you know when she said that she’d protect the Stark children and now she hasn’t got a clue where any of them are. Not to mention that Brienne’s sword just happens to be called Oathbreaker. Coincidence? We think not!

Goodness knows what HBO have in store for us this season all we know is that we can’t wait to find out!