Wow – what a story this is. Variety is reporting that Michael Keaton may well be making a return to the superhero genre. However, there’s one critical difference; the former Batman could be playing the villain in Spider-Man!

We repeat, what a story this is. Keaton is reportedly being tapped to play the villain in Marvel and Sony’s co-production, Spider-Man: Homecoming, starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker.

This would certainly ruffle a few feathers as Keaton’s association with comic books is firmly with DC, having played Batman in Tim Burton’s eponymous 1989 feature and sequel, Batman Returns.



We don’t know which villain Keaton is being prepped for but we also just reported that The Vulture would be included in the movie and, given the similar ages in character and actor, that’s a possibility.

Jon Watts is directing Spider-Man: Homecoming which focuses on Parker’s teenage high school days. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said it’s not necessarily an origin story, but will revolve around early Spider-Man.

Holland’s Spider-Man will debut in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War (which is receiving rave reviews, by the way).

Keaton has been on a role lately, starring in both Birdman and Spotlight, two movies which won the Oscar for Best Picture. What do you think about Keaton as the new Spidey villain?