It seems only fair that if Spider-Man is going to pop up in other Marvel super hero films – making his debut in the MCU once Captain America: Civil War hits cinemas – then another character can return the favour and crash in on his solo film. That seems to very much be on the cards, as Iron Man has been confirmed Spider-Man: Homecoming! Yes, it’s really happening!

After he dropped in on Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently, the host was very eager to quiz Robert Downey Jr about Marvel’s latest arrival and Tom Holland’s take on the wall crawler. “He’s fantastic,” he says about the young Brit’s appearance in Civil War, getting us even more excited for his solo film.

When Kimmel brings up the possibility of seeing Iron Man (or even just Tony Stark) in Homecoming, Downey replies with his typical wit “Perhaps I will, we don’t have a contract yet.”

It looks as though it’s really happening – and it’s making us really excited to see Spidey’s solo movie when it swings by in July 2017!

He also talked about how he had originally had to convince Chris Evans to take the role of Captain America, joking “in hindsight I get to take credit for everything.”

“I don’t take myself too seriously,” he remarks about his sarcastic answers, but he does “take the character of Tony Stark very seriously.”