If something weird or creepy happened in the horror end of Hollywood over the last seven days, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re talking about it in Friday Fright Fest, the brand new round-up for devilish delights.

Could Rings be the new Paranormal Activity?

According to Paramount, yes it could, as the studio hope the success of the most recent US adaptation of the J-Horror classic Ringu will make it the new Halloween franchise, as Saw and then Paranormal Activity were before it.

A trailer was recently shown at CinemaCon, which MovieWeb describe as “set entirely on an airplane. A passenger is talking to a woman next to him when the plane hits a spot of turbulence. He tells the story of meeting a woman, part of a group called “The Sevens”. From this woman, our narrator received the video tape that ‘The Ring’ fans will well remember.

“The next day, he received a call that he would die seven days later. That call was six days, 23 hours and 55 minutes ago. Suddenly the turbulence worsens, the cockpit flight instruments flicker to static and some mysterious black liquid bubbles up out of the airplane lavatories. We cut to Samara’s well, both on the cockpit instruments and the airplane monitors throughout the cabin. Samara crawls out of the video and towards the narrating passenger and we are cut quickly to the title treatment.

Rings is due for cinema release on the 28th October.


New images appear from Death House, the horror equivalent of The Expendables

Death House, which features a real whose-who of classic genre heavyweights, has just finished principal photography. To celebrate, there have been a number of images released:

Death-House8-1 DeathHouse9-1 death-hpuse-17-1 Death-hOUSE7-1 Death-House6-1 Death-House5-1 Death-House2-2

The film’s release is currently scheduled for late 2016/early 2017, depending on ‘distribution scheduling.’

Doug Jones has been cast in the Nosferatu remake

Variety are reporting that filming has already begun on the remake of the unequalled horror original, with Mr Jones – not surprising any fan of the genre – playing the titular character.

The project will have a rather unique look, combining a mixture of live-action footage with colourised digital backgrounds recreated from the original film; director David Lee Fisher certainly has his hands full.

Other cast members include Emrhys Cooper, Joely Fisher, Sarah Carter and Jack Turner.

The original film, unleashed all the way back in 1922, was an unauthorised film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula. It was changed up because the studio didn’t get the rights to the novel, but the legacy of the film has transcended any original struggles.

Insidious enters its fourth chapter

Sony have announced that a fourth Insidious film is in the works. This is following the success of Chapter 3, which made over $100 million worldwide; not bad for the third instalment of a franchise.

Though no director has been confirmed, it is expected that the man behind – Leigh Whannell – will return, after being passed the job from co-conspirator James Wan, who directed the first two.

The Friday the 13th series could be on hold

Rumours are circling that The CW’s planned Friday the 13th series could be circling the drain.

Bloody Disgusting are reporting that, according to an unverified source, “the network didn’t jibe with the concept for the series. What was the concept? Apparently, that’s the problem. After months of development, there was still no real concept for the series, causing network execs to re-think bringing Friday the 13th (back) to the small screen.”

The network has also reportedly passed on all of their horror pilots, including Joe Hill’s Tales of the Darkside.

You can visit the perfect replica of the Psycho house… If you dare!

And in travel news, a 28-foot-high, two-thirds scale replica of the iconic Psycho house now stands in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s roof garden. The exhibition will be on display from now until the 31st October. From the pictures below it looks so inviting, like it wouldn’t hurt a fly…

Psycho house

Trailer of the week: Hush