Peaky Blinders season 3 finally has a release date! The series confirmed yesterday via their twitter feed that the series will air on 5th May on BBC Two. Excuse us, whilst we freak out a little bit!

Six new episodes have been filmed for the upcoming third season and word on the street is that if the first episode is anything to go by then it’s going to be one heck of a season!

BBC released their first teaser trailer from the series a few weeks ago, although we expect that a longer one might be on its way any day now (we live in hope)!

What’s more, it’s not just the UK who are mad about Peaky Blinders. After it was released in the US audiences went crazy for it and it’s no surprise that it’s popularity has only increased with Netflix jumping on the bandwagon to stream it too. Admittedly, this is pretty handy for those of you that fancy binge watching before season 3 airs.

Paddy Considine is a new face joining the returning cast which includes the entire Shelby clan fronted by Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby). And if that wasn’t exciting enough – Tom Hardy also signed on the dotted line and will return for the third season. Most excellent news indeed!

The official synopsis for season 3 states that:

‘Season 3 will see Tommy pulled into the glamorous and dangerous world of international intrigue in 1920s Britain, putting his entire organization and family at risk, and forcing him to question everything about his own ambitions and desires.’

We’re expecting big things from season 3 as Peaky Blinders is set to have global consequences this time round with Tommy finding himself sucked into the Roaring Twenties and the ‘glamorous and dangerous world of international intrigue’. The Shelbys are going even bigger and better this time round and we can’t wait!