Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may not have been the shimmering masterpiece people had been hoping for, but it has still achieved – somewhat shakily, I must add –it’s main objective: it has launched the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), setting us up for a slate of movies bringing some of the most famous comic book creations to life on the big screen.

Even the staunchest detractors of Batman v Superman must admit excitement for the rest of the universe’s offerings, starting with this summer’s Suicide Squad. Warner Bros. also recently officially confirmed what we already knew: that Ben Affleck would be directing and starring in his own Batman movie. Yes, uber excitement!

There’s several other DC movies to get excited about in the next five years. We’re more excited for some, admittedly, but the whole universe should be an absolute blast. Let’s rank the nine upcoming DC movies (that are confirmed at this point) in order of how excited we are. As we’re only discussing confirmed DCEU titles here, there will be no room for Lobo, Sandman, Justice League Dark and the other rumoured DC titles. Once they’re confirmed, we’ll add them in accordingly.

9. Cyborg (April 2020)


This is where the DC Universe may falter, in our opinion. Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, will get his own solo film, but in 2020 – that’s three years after he’ll already have been introduced in the Justice League Part One. Like Aquaman and The Flash, Cyborg was teased during Batman v Superman through Lex Luthor’s email attachment, which showed Vic Stone being turned into Cyborg by his father, Dr Silas Stone. There’s currently no writers or directors attached to the Cyborg film and we’re not entirely sure it’ll actually happen. It all depends on the success of the Justice League movies really.

8. Shazam (April 2019)


One reason why Shazam will be a box office success; it has acquired the ludicrous money-making machine that is Dwayne Johnson. The blockbuster megastar is set to star as the villain Black Adam but Warner Bros. will presumably plaster his face all over the marketing, therefore prompting masses of crazy Rock fans to show up on opening night. That is assuming, of course, that Johnson doesn’t suffer some dramatic fall from grace in the next three years.

7. Aquaman (July 2018)


We’re tentatively excited for Aquaman, mainly because James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring) is directing. Wan has established himself as one of the finest horror filmmakers in recent times and we’re really interested to see his take on the iconic Justice League member. However, Aquaman also has its potential problems. For one, we’re not entirely convinced by Jason Momoa’s acting talents and it’s also written by the guy who brought us a sequel-stinker in 300: Rise of an Empire. We hope Aquaman makes it through OK.

6. The Flash (March 2018)


The Flash is arguably the most controversial film in the DC slate already. That’s mainly because Warner Bros. has opted not to cast any of the actors from the character’s popular television series, including Grant Gustin as the Scarlet Speedster himself. However, we must remember – the acting in DC shows like The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl etc.. is extremely limited and, come on, they’re trying to build a universe here. They’ve cast the impressive Ezra Miller (We Need To Talk About Kevin) as Barry Allen, which is an excellent start – and we liked what we saw of him in Batman v Superman. LEGO Batman writer Seth Grahame-Smith will make his directorial debut here and, while it’s likely to ruffle the feathers of a few Flash TV fans, we’re hyped for this one.

5. Green Lantern Corps (June 2020)


Peruse the upcoming slate of superhero movies – DC or Marvel – and you’ll find Green Lantern Corps propping up the list. Yes, it’s over four years away, but we’re still really stoked to see a more measured and credible interpretation than Ryan Reynolds’ 2011 box office bomb The Green Lantern. It’s likely that John Stewart will be the driving focus of the movie, with Tyrese Gibson one of many actors gunning for the role. It’s rumoured that the Green Lantern won’t even show up until Justice League Part Two but we’ve been eagerly following the recent rumours that Corps will focus on up to three Lanterns, including an older, forty-something Hal Jordan. If done right, this has the potential to be one of the most thrilling and memorable DC outings.

4. Justice League Parts I & II (November 2017, June 2019)

Justice League

There was a time when a Justice League movie looked dead. Dead. Nothing. Never coming. Nope. That’s all changed. We’re almost there. Yes, we’re close to finally seeing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the league finally on the big screen together. Of course, we got to see plenty of the Trinity in action in Dawn of Justice but Justice League will be on a whole other level.

The problem? Zack Snyder is still currently directing it. We don’t have anything personal against Snyder at all – in fact, he seems like a genuinely nice guy – but he fell short of delivering an ultimately satisfying Batman v Superman movie. For all of his striking visuals and CGI sorcery, Snyder lost focus on his story and developing characters. Keeping him on for Justice League is fraught with risk. We’re not sure he can pull it off.

3. Wonder Woman (June 2017)

Wonder Woman

Certainly one of the most enjoyable elements to Batman v Superman was the introduction of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. The Israeli actress was convincing as Diana Prince and she kicked some serious Doomsday ass after showing up to help Bats and Supes out of a sticky situation. But we’re even more interested in delving into her origin story and that’s why we’ve placed Patty Jenkins’ movie so high. Wonder Woman has also assembled a tremendous cast including Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen and David Thewlis. We think the warrior princes is in safe hands!

2. Suicide Squad (August 2015)

At this point, we don’t really need to do much to get you excited for Suicide Squad. We’ve been treated to three explosive trailers already, teasing us with snippets of Jared Leto’s Joker more and more each time. Of course, there’s so much more to get excited for in Suicide Squad, including Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot. On top of that, we’re intrigued to see how David Ayer fills the Robin blank from Batman v Superman in flashback style, involving a tussle between Batman and Joker. The trailers have promised so much and, although it’s putting our neck on the line saying this, we can’t see it disappointing.

1. Batman (Release date TBC)


Yes, like pretty much everyone else, we loved Ben Affleck as Batman. We thought his world-weary, emotionally shattered iteration of Bruce Wayne was pitch-perfect and Affleck getting his own movie to play with the character only seemed like a natural progression from his co-headlining introduction with Superman. The word on the street is that Affleck has already written a script and it reportedly contains both Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Barbara Gordon (perhaps as Oracle).

Affleck has no shortage of top-notch material to work from and it’ll be interesting to see which villains they choose for the Dark Knight to grapple with. We’d love to see The Riddler. Whoever they go with, thanks to Affleck’s impressive debut as the Caped Crusader, his solo Batman movie towers above all else when it comes to upcoming DC movies.