We’re becoming more and more impressed with the cast assembled to see Hugh Jackman out in his final outing as Wolverine. Last week, we reported that Narcos star Boyd Holbrook had been cast as a ‘cold and ruthless’ villain and it looks as though he’s been joined on the forces of evil by none other than Richard E. Grant.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that the Withnail & I star will portray a mad scientist in James Mangold’s follow-up to the 2013 Wolverine film. They speculate that Grant could be playing one of Marvel’s many Weapon X players like Professor Andre Thorton or Dr. Abraham Cornelius. However, we’re clinging on o the hope that he’ll be appearing as Mister Sinister – that would be truly brilliant!

Richard E Grant

Mister Sinister

Grant joins Jackman, a returning Patrick Stewart and Boyd Holbrook in the currently untitled Wolverine sequel. The storyline has not been officially released but there has been consistent rumours that the film will be based on the famous and popular Old Man Logan comic book storyline.

We’ve also heard that X-23 will be making an appearance in the R-rated take on the mutant. Mangold’s Wolverine film in 2013 found success with an R-rated home media release and thanks to the glorious success of Deadpool, Fox may be thinking to press home another R-rated adventure to their bloodthirsty audience.

Wolverine 3 will be directed by James Mangold from a script by David James Kelly. It is currently scheduled to arrive in theatres on March 3, 2017.