Warning: Potential Spoilers ahead!

Now that The Walking Dead’s season 6 has finished and pissed just about everyone off, the fans are reverting back to the comic books in order to grasp what direction the show might go in the coming seasons.

A super-vigilant Redditor by the cool name of TheDarkHawk spotted something rather interesting when he was innocently leafing through the pages of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic book series, Issue 123.

The narrative takes place long after the events of the the show’s sixth season, so this is where some potential spoilery material awaits you. In the “All Out War” storyline between Negan, his Saviours versus Rick and his militia, there’s a panel with an intriguing detail that could be related to Marvel.

Can you spot it below?


If you didn’t spot it, have a look at the image below:


Yes, as you can see, one of Negan’s followers is armed with a rather threatening sledgehammer. However, TheDarkHawk believes that this is a tip of the cap to Thor’s Mjolnir. Why? Because Walking Dead writer Kirkman & artist Charlie Adlard both worked for Marvel too.

Kirkman wrote comics for Marvel which included big-hitters like Captain America, Marvel Knights 2099, Fantastic Four, and Ultimate X-Men. Adlard also worked for the company on The Hellfire Club and Warlock.

It may easily be a coincidence but we like to think that Kirkman and Adlard gave a nod to their previous employers here. Will we see that particular weapon in the show’s seventh season? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out.