Game of Thrones leaks

One thing you’ll notice about the legion of Game of Thrones fans, they’re always ready to tear apart any piece of information about the show’s sixth season to find the next big clue. It’s actually a surprise that HBO have kept things as quiet as they have, but has the title for episode four just appeared online? Here at SquareEyed, we love Game of Thrones leaks so we say – keep them coming!

Before the premier of the new season, the titles of the first three episodes emerged on the Internet. Revealed as ‘Home’ for episode two and the third being ‘Oathbreaker’, a lot of speculation into their meaning has already been made. You can read what we made of them here.

Watchers on the Wall are reporting that HBO Asia’s site may have now let the cat out of the bag in regards to the season’s fourth and fifth episodes. On their site’s episode page, this fourth instalment is called ‘Book of the Stranger,’ while the fifth carries the title ‘The Door.’ See the two screenshots below:

Game of Thrones leaks

Game of Thrones leaks

This has yet to be confirmed by HBO USA – or any other HBO location for that matter – but it does seem highly unlikely that HBOAsia would upload unconfirmed information.

Book of the Stranger

Thanks to WotW for their thorough research and knowledge, we know that the Book of the Stranger is not a direct reference to anything from the books. However, the Stranger is a known character, being one of the Seven new gods of Westeros.

The creepy thing about him? He’s the representation of death. Well, they’re not exactly short of that on this show but we always welcome more brutal deaths like Trystane Martell in the season six opener. You know the one we mean. No? Well, here it is below!

Game of Thrones leaks

The storylines running at the moment featuring Margaery, as well as Cersei’s trial are connected to the Faith of the Seven, so this could have something to heavily do with that.

Or could it be that the fourth episode’s attention will be elsewhere, involving a certain dead body at the Wall? After all, if there are so many living people interested in the corpse of Jon Snow, surely the gods must have their watchful eyes on him.

The Door

Moving swiftly on to the fifth episode, there are a number of notable doors in the world of Game of Thrones, including the ‘House with the Red Door.’ Our guess however, is that is signifies an imprisoned character stepping through the door to freedom or, you know, to get executed (as many GoT prisoners tend to meet a grim fate). This would go back to Margarey currently being held against her will. We’re definitely thinking that the High Sparrow will have a prominent role to play in these two episodes.

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