When it comes to avoiding movie spoilers during interviews, there’s no celebrity more adept than Star Wars actors. Down the years, we’ve seen the likes of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and more recently Daisy Ridley and John Boyega expertly avoid slipping up when pressed for tidbits about Star Wars storylines. Well, it looks as though Mads Mikkelsen has some way to go before he reaches their level of spoiler safeguarding. Yes, it may not be the biggest, but we have our first Rogue One spoiler.

Rogue One spoiler interview (this is your spoiler warning!)

During an interview with Sky News, the actor revealed a major Rogue One spoiler about his role in the upcoming spin-off film, to be directed by Gareth Edwards. When discussing his mysterious role in the film, Mikkelsen revealed that he was playing the father of Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones.

Rogue One spoiler
The Rogue One cast

He said quote I read the script and it was very beautiful, and Felicity is playing this lovely, strong woman and I play her father,” he said, before adding, “And that was too much. I’m sorry.” With eight months to go until the film is released, we have our first major Rogue One spoiler from one of its stars – Mads may expect a rather tense phone conversation with the bigwig executives of Disney and Lucasfilm.

So, it looks as though Rogue One might be more of a family saga than originally believed. Of course, perceptive Star Wars fans have speculated for months that Mikkelsen was playing Erso’s father but considering he wasn’t even featured in the first teaser trailer, we’re guessing Lucasfilm & Disney wanted that particular piece of information concealed.

Luckily for Mikkelsen, he stopped short of revealing his second Rogue One spoiler in the same interview, refusing to confirm or deny Darth Vader’s return to the Star Wars universe in the film (the Sith Lord’s villainous presence has been rumoured for months now, with reports emerging of a particularly brutal involvement).