Warning: Contains Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice & potential Justice League Part 1 spoilers!

There’s plenty of rumours surrounding Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie, which is currently a month into production, and very heavily under lock and key. One said rumour was that Darkseid would be the movie’s main villain, seeing that he’s referenced and teased in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However, it’s the villain who featured briefly in a deleted scene from Batman v Superman. Yep, according to Devin Faraci of Birth.Movies.Death, the Justice League villain is Steppenwolf.

As Faraci explains: “In the comics Steppenwolf is the uncle of Darkseid and the military leader of Apokolips. He has a cool energy axe and rides an even cooler hoverbike. I assume those elements will not make it through Zack Snyder unscathed. In terms of the coolest characters from the Fourth World books he’s pretty low on totem pole – he was once killed by Clock King, fer chrissakes.

Justice League movie villain

“In the more recent “New 52″ continuity of DC, Steppenwolf actually sees some action and invades Earth – I’m assuming that’s the run they’re basing Justice League on, at least lightly. On some levels that makes him a fairly blank slate for the movies, and keeps Zack Snyder’s hands off cool characters like Granny Goodness and Glorious Godfrey and Orion and Metron and Big Barda and Mister Miracle. I’m pretty okay with them burning Steppenwolf off on what I hope is the last Zack Snyder film in the DC Universe.”

According to Faraci, Steppenwolf will take some stopping as he invades Earth and this wil lead to the Justice League turning to dead Superman for help (you know, because he’s not really dead). According to Faraci, Darkseid is indeed a presence in the movie, but he won’t be as central to the narrative as originally presumed. We’ll have to wait until Justice League 2 for him to fully unleash his reign of terror on the DC superheroes.

Steppenwolf as the Part One villain makes sense

To us, it makes sense for Steppenwolf to be the main villain in the first Justice League, leaving Darkseid as the big bad for the sequel. Steppenwolf, being a member of Darkseid’s Elite Forces and head of the Apokoliptic military, explains the Parademons and Omega symbol during Batman’s Mad Max-esque Knightmare sequence. It may also point to Justice League following the New 52 storyline which sees Steppenwolf invading Earth with an army of Parademons, as highlighted in the story’s synopsis:

“Five years ago, they appeared in the sky: booming holes in space, spewing an army of monsters known as Parademons, and led by the villain Steppenwolf. Entire countries were destroyed, but Earth’s defenders fought back. Chief among them were Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Justice League movie villain

“In a last-ditch plan, Batman planned to infiltrate the towers that controlled the Parademons by uploading a virus that would cripple the towers one by one, and halt the creatures’ destruction. Superman and Wonder Woman vowed to give him whatever help he needed, even if that meant laying down their lives.

Darkseid foreshadowing in BvS…

However, if this is indeed the case, it could make Batman v Superman seem heavy-handed in its foreshadowing of Darkseid. Some would say that it undermines Darkseid’s looming threat in Dawn of Justice but we can understand that DC would want to replicate the Marvel model of teasing the huge villain, film by film, which could mean that he’s teased in Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash & Cyborg as well as Justice League Part One, before unleashing him completely in Part Two, slated for release in 2019.

In addition, having Steppenwolf – who is Darkseid’s trusted Apokoliptian General – come before the supervillain himself makes sense in terms of teasing him. We recently learned that Ben Affleck had been elevated to the role of Executive Producer for Justice League but we’re not exactly sure if having Steppenwolf in a prominent villainous role is a creative decision Affleck contributed to.

As for Faraci as the source of this article, it’s worth noting that he recently broke the story about the rogue’s gallery appearing in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film and was the man who first ran a story suggesting Doomsday would feature in Batman v Superman (and that, of course, turned out to be true). In other words, Faraci’s sources are solid and proven.

Are you excited to see Steppenwolf as Justice League movie villain? Let us know! Watch the deleted scene from Dawn of Justice that introduces him below:

  • ArtimusGG

    The source is not “solid and proven” yes he has been right about some but wrong about others.

    Steppenwolf being the villain has been talked about for some time, this is not really a scoop more of a possible confirmation of something that was already circulating. It would be good, in my opinion, and makes sense for a big bad guy to send his general to conquer a planet first. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Dimebaghatesall

    Did you really just say ‘his sources are solid and proven?” LMAO!!!!! He’s notorious for his wacky and inaccurate reporting, I could make a laundry list of things he viciously defended that turned out to be false, he’s a hack of the highest degree.