Warning: Contains spoilers for season 6, episode 4

While much of the usual post-Game of Thrones breakdowns have focused on Daenerys’ explosive conclusion this week, there was a crowd-pleasing moment between two polar opposites in a scene at Castle Black.

The Wall was, for once, a place of cheer and relief as Sansa Stark was finally reunited with Jon Snow, the two greeting each other with a strong embrace (the first time two Starks have seen each other since Bran and Rickon in season three).

Then, as Sansa, Jon and a few others sat down for something to eat, the showrunners teased a most unlikely romance which has taken off with fans on Twitter: Brienne and Tormund.

When Brienne arrived at Castle Black with Sansa, Tormund seemed quite taken with her, watching her intently, as you can see below:


Then, in an attempt to impress her, Tormund ripped into some meat while fixating his attentions on Brienne, practicing his smouldering look.


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 16.53.37

So, while some may have loved the emotional moment that saw Sansa and Jon reunited, we’re more intrigued to see how this Brienne/Tormund romance plays out. Suffice to say, they could do some serious Bonnie & Clyde-style damage around the Seven Kingdoms if they became an item…