With fans still craving more from the world of Walter White, Jimmy Kimmel took some time to wish Bryan Cranston a very happy 60th birthday with a gloriously funny Breaking Bad reunion in a parody video that is the epitome of epic from start to finish.

Knowing exactly how to spoof a great show, Kimmel’s mammoth fifteen minute long tribute to Cranston is worth every second you spend watching it – and we dare you to try and spot all the Breaking Bad references.

Check it out here:

Super Sweet 60

Parodying MTV’s ‘reality’ show My Super Sweet 16 (which may or may not be constantly on loop here in the SquareEyed office) the sketch sees Cranston playing a spoiled soon-to-be 60 year old who wants his perfect day to go down in history.

After all, he does love the attention…

Breaking Bad reunion

No one is safe from being the butt of the joke, as Cranston’s dad (he obviously still lives with his parents, despite the six Emmys) gets on him about the birthday’s budget and ridiculous plan.

Kimmel himself pops up as the camp party planner, who pitches some glorious ideas for the big bash (we really want to see a Hawaiian Bryan spinoff series).

Settling on the best Cranston pun you’ll hear this week, the theme is The Brion King. Of course the birthday boy has a problem with the spelling.

Breaking Bad reunion

The only thing better than the ridiculous story are the Breaking Bad cameos and references that fly at you left and right These include appearances by Bob Odenkirk (of course Saul is his BFF) and Charles Baker (better known as Skinny Pete).

Breaking Bad reunion

There’s also a seriously scene-stealing appearance from an unwelcome Aaron Paul, when all the history between the two finally comes out:

Breaking Bad reunion

“Happy Birthday, bitch”

As far as ways that you can wish a person happy birthday, you really can’t top this. So happy belated birthday, Bryan Cranston.