We’ve always had that sense that we won’t be seeing a happy ending to The Walking Dead. It’s a show that never lets up in regards to the mass genocide of its entire cast, and just when we think they’re safe, another major player gets taken out. All hopes of Rick and the gang driving off into the sunset to start a better life have again been dashed, as Robert Kirkman has spoken out about the seven big Walking Dead character deaths that we will see before it’s all over.

Kirkman, the man behind the original comic book where the show takes its influence, has spoken out about the future of both the show and the comics, saying that we’ll be seeing something of a cull, as he plans to kill off at least 7 main characters.

Just don’t expect the deaths to happen all at once, or any time soon.

Asking the right questions

Filmed on a Q&A session at Hawaii Comic Con – and shared by – Kirkman addresses a question that he must be asked multiple times a day, every day the series is still ongoing. “List all of the people who will die in The Walking Dead,” asks a young fan.

You would expect him to skip the question completely, or to work around it and not give a straight answer. He does, however, shoot out a quick fire response, listing off seven (SEVEN!) main characters who will be taken out before The Walking Dead is all said and done.

The list of names may shock you, so if you really don’t want to know – and remember to take Kirkman’s words with a pinch of salt – look away now.

Big Walking Dead character deaths

Still here? Okay, here’s the list; “Rick, Carl, Michonne. In the show, Daryl Dixon, eventually Abraham, Rosita. Rosita’s already dead in the comics. Jesus.”

That has to be the definition of a show looking to cull its cast. This still leaves a lot of names that go unaccounted for – what about the likes of Eugene or Morgan? And Glenn?! Does this confirm he’s had it at the hands of Negan?

No, obviously it doesn’t. In fact the only thing we know for certain is that – according to Kirkman at least – Carol gets through it all still alive. Last year he confessed that he simply couldn’t kill her off, after everything she’s been through already. So far, he has kept his word.

Who do you trust?

You can watch the whole Q&A below, with his comments about killing major characters starting around the 3:50 mark:

Like we said, it sounds like Kirkman’s comments maybe shouldn’t be taken as gospel here, as he may just be having a bit of a laugh at the question he must be bombarded with at every event like this.

Time will tell though; maybe Negan goes a little bat crazy at the start of the next season and that’s all she wrote for The Walking Dead…