Caution: Potential spoilers lie ahead!

If you haven’t gotten up to speed with Game of Thrones season 6 then we advise you turn back now, before you enter this article which is dark and full of spoilers.

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Game of Thrones: ‘The Broken Man’

We’re more than half way through the season and things are certainly hotting up. However, episode 6 of Game of Thrones wasn’t exactly the most thrilling episode we’ve ever seen. Instead, what it does seem to do is set up the excitement for episode 7.

The writer of episode 6 and co-executive producer, Bryan Cogman, spoke to Entertainment Weekly, teasing about the action to come in next week’s episode.

Episode 7 is titled, ‘The Broken Man’ and Cogman is feeling pretty excited about it. Of course, he can’t reveal anything too specific about the episode for obvious reasons but he did have this to say for himself: “All I can say about next week’s episode is there was a week of shooting a particular sequence/storyline that was my favourite week on set in six seasons of Game of Thrones.”

Just before you all get too excited, we’re pretty sure it’s not the Bolton v Stark Battle of the Bastards just yet as that took six weeks to film so the odds are they’ll be saving that one for the penultimate episode, which traditionally offers the most explosive instalment before a comedown finale.

However, it’s very feasible to think that, given the speculation and Cogman’s hush hush attitude, The Broken Man will feature the return of The Hound and give us the much-hyped Cleganebowl, where he’ll take on The Mountain in Cersei’s trial by combat. We would guess that a scene of this significance and magnitude would take a week to film and, yes, it will probably be the greatest thing Game of Thrones has ever offered.

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If so, surely this puts the Cleganebowl theory right into the mix? Off the back of episode 6, we know that Cersei is well aware that she will face a trial and a trial by combat at that. (Why do we feel like The Sparrow might find a way round that one though?!) The ever composed Cersei, is feeling reasonably calm about this said trial knowing that she has The Mountain on her side. Although we reckon if The Hound is to return and he and The Mountain go head to head then Cersei’s fate may hang in the balance!

Cogman also added as a result of his own background in theatre he is thoroughly enjoying the theatre troupe scenes. He says: “The show is often accused of being gratuitous in all kinds of way – the violence and the bigness of the characters. It’s a huge operatic story. We’re able to lovingly spoof ourselves but also play with ideas about how audiences view the show, good and bad, and how a perspective of a story changes. Plus there’s the dramatic deliciousness of Arya watching her own life play out on stage.”

The trailer for the episode itself, in true Game of Thrones style, gives very little away. Although, what we do see is a rather familiar and much-loved character. Surely, our eyes aren’t deceiving us? It looks like the double act of Bronn and Jaime Lannister will reunited as they head to The Riverlands to bring King Tommen’s orders to the Blackfish. Meanwhile, Sansa looks like she’s taking matters into her own hands in terms of saving her family name.