Asking Stan Lee to pick his favourite Marvel superhero would be like asking a mother to pick her favourite child. However, asking the comics legend to pick his favourite actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is slightly more reasonable. After eight years of glorious cameos and hanging around MCU productions, generally being a great guy, Lee has struck up some solid relationships with the stars of the Marvel movies.

But does he have a personal favourite? Recently making an appearance on the Larry King Now show, Lee said: “Chris [is the actor I’ve bonded with the most]. The fellow who plays Captain America, he was the Human Torch and then they made him Captain America and he’s the greatest guy, but I love them all.”

So it looks like Lee and Evans have formed a bond over the past five years since the actor took on the role of Captain America. In saying that, Evans has a slight advantage over his fellow MCU actors seeing that he was in Fantastic Four way back in 2005, three years before the inception of the MCU, thus sowing the seeds for their friendship even before Robert Downey Jr. If there was anything to fuel the rivalry of Captain America and Iron Man, it would be vying for the affections of their creator.

In the same interview, Lee also explained why X-Men: Apocalypse was his favourite cameo in a Marvel movie to date (a Fox production with Marvel characters, of course).

“It’s different than any other cameo I’ve done before because I did it with a person who is very important to me,” Lee explained to King.

Lee also confirmed that he doesn’t receive any money, for the cameo or royalties for using his characters. If we were him, we probably wouldn’t accept that. But he doesn’t care about money, and that’s admirable. Of course, as it turned out, Lee’s cameo was filmed with his wife, Joan. They’ve been married for over 50 years and have two children together and latest X-Men film marks the first time they’ve appeared on-screen together in a superhero movie. Well of course it’s his favourite!